Ever wanted to know more about wine?

Have some questions that you’ve never been able to ask?

Looking for that personal experience for you and your friends?

Well now is your time…

…..time to Wined-Down

The Idea….

Is to create an environment where you can relax and get taken on a journey through wine. Where you can ask any questions about a subject that you’ve always wanted to learn about.

The idea is simple, have a laid back evening in your own home, surrounded by good people, good wine and good fun!

It will start with a basic selection of wines, as we go through each, I will give you a bit of info, how to experience the wine, what you can smell, taste and why… Then it’s over to you to ask the questions.

It is simple, fun and will quench that thirst! (for knowledge)


Wined-Down Friends
Wined-Down Friends

About me

My career has been mostly working in hotels, pubs and bars. More recently I got into the Wine Trade.

I was able to gain a Level 3 WSET in Wine, but in doing so, it also sparked a passion and interest in the industry and trade that I want to show and share.

Frequently I am asked many questions in a professional and personal manner about Wine, and I myself am always learning about the wide world of Wine daily. People seem to have more of an interest then they are aware, these courses are to bring that quality, inquisitiveness and fun with it.

Hopefully I can pass that on to some of you, and enjoy a drink or two on the way!


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